Director Edgar Wright will have only himself to blame if excited kids are so razzled and dazzled that they power on their pocket gadgets and start Prattering or Twixting, or whatever it is youth does these days.

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The PG-13 rating might very well refer to an advisory that nobody above (rather than below) that age is likely to benefit!

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The results mean nothing beyond racking up an arbitrary score!

A cotton candy blob disguising a black hole!

A movie has never been this blatant, this outrageous, this nonchalant about women as trophies, as prizes for men who do heroic deeds!

An infuriating exercise in geek-baiting populated by unlikable characters that grows more frustrating through its 113 minutes!

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To win [Ramona], [Scott] needs to duel her ex-boyfriends in fantasy sequences based on video games. Oh, great.

An assault on the senses that’s numb in the heart!

It’s the indulgence of everything a not-quite-adult, no-longer-a-kid manchild could want from women, in a package designed to appeal to not-quite-adult, no-longer-a-kid manchildren who would happily see their lives in the metaphors of the comic books, sitcoms, and videogames they were weaned on!

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If such an experience defines the current generation, the alarmist Chicken Little crowd that’s always moaning about our society’s dire future might be onto something!

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Scott [Pilgrim] is a low-wattage and barely sentient drip with all the charisma of a plastic plant!

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As monotonous and enervating as one long, sneering in-joke!

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Just as there are some amusement park attractions that require riders to be a certain minimum height, there are movies that probably ought to be restricted to viewers below a certain age!

The center doesn’t hold!

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Wright trades in his hard-earned street credentials for a flagrant sell-out move that promises a reverse transformation from film to video game!