After 20 minutes, I sensed I was intruding on the movie’s love affair with itself!

voyeuristically enthuses the New York Post

The alternately cranky and cartoonish comedy can’t seem to decide whether it’s a flippant sketchy teen angst weepie, or your basic flamboyant comic book screen transplant!

fires NewsBlaze

The movie tongues its cheek, raises its eyebrows, and nudges our elbow in every area except where it really counts!

A clip reel of console carnage!

salivates Brian Orndorf

About as complete and coherent a film as was the blur of light and sound that comprised Speed Racer!

Twilight for boys!

Cera is more of a mooncalf than usual!

About as edgy as a trip to the auto department at Sears!

[Scott Pilgrim] looks like and has all the personality of a fetus!

Wright uses so many split-screen effects that we may as well be peering at the movie through a schizophrenic stereopticon!

psychically broadcasts Movieline

There’s no room for any real growth, just literalized level-ups that bring our hero incrementally closer to his hipster Princess Toadstool!

A discouragingly limp movie in which nothing is at stake!

An insular, punishingly alienating experience preaching only to the faithful, devoted hearts of arrested 12-year-old boys!

First of all, I’m not a video gamer. I have discovered more appealing ways to not have a life!

Does Wright feel any connection to this milieu? I doubt it!

playfully-extrapolates New York magazine